Quadrapalooza Performers



From Victoria, BC, Crikey Mor is an Irish Traditional band that delivers a tightly arranged whirlwind of traditional Irish reels, jigs, polkas, and songs that will keep your spirit moving. Crikey Mor has performed in Victoria at the Victoria Highland Games Festival, Folkwest, Read Island Beach Fest, neighbouring Gulf Islands, and has even brought their foot-stomping music to the small Malcolm Island town of Sointula, BC.


Steph Cameron is a brilliant singer-songwriter from Saskatoon who has toured with Buffy St. Marie & Frazey Ford! Some of her songs are influenced by the political context of our everyday lives – but what rings true in her poetry is her understanding and empathy for the human condition.


Uschi Tala is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, whose first love was percussion; Tala has explored in depth the many ways to create beats within and without time, using her hands, mouth, and sometimes her whole body. Taking her knowledge of percussion she moved forward to find guitar, banjo and keys, diving head first into a world of rhythm, melody and magic. But it wasn’t until the discovery of the loop pedal that she begun to understand the true song of her secret heart. Uschi Tala draws inspiration from the Earth, it’s protectors, as well as light found within darkness.


Still Spirits hometown is Maple Ridge, BC. The band was formed in 2011, after the floods…. but before the drought…. Mom always said that if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.


Casey Ryder is a musical vagabond whose idiosyncratic, original songs use a variety of styles from swampy rockabilly, to gypsy swing, to twisted, Brechtian ballads and beyond. Casey plays an assortment of vintage guitars, basses, and organ, as well as singing his well-crafted songs in a disparate collection of vocal styles ranging from Tom Waits-like rasp, to Chris Isaak-influenced country croon, to Chet Baker-inspired, irony-laced whispers.


Danielle Lebeau Petersen comes from a long family tradition of music. After playing in the Vic High R&B Band as a student, she then spent time living and performing in Montreal, exploring her French Canadian roots and the arts in Quebec. After returning to Victoria, Danielle spent two years completing a diploma in Jazz studies from Camosun College and following this was the vocal instructor for the Vic High R&B Band as well as the musical director of ‘Super Soul Sister’ , a choreographed women’s R&B community choir. She has been an Artist In Residence in Nashville at the Scarritt Bennett Centre, and has spent two years performing at sea with Seabourn Cruise lines.


Samson’s Delilah is the epic & eclectic mix of folk, rock, funk soul full operatic world roots music. With an acoustic twist, and heavily influenced by latin guitar, reggae, and other world music, they create powerful and passionate performances as a duo. The thread of the “groove” runs deep in the “Samson’s Delilah”, and you will not be disappointed by the fusion and spell that they weave.


Cameron has been playing on stages for close to 10 years, touring across Canada, USA and Europe. Fanfare is Cameron Boyce, a solo artist who uses his voice, a violin and a looping machine to create his art. From beat box to classical Fanfare is sure to impress!


Through their unique blend of live electronic music and conceptually driven performance the Top Men have a garnered a dedicated following. In addition to their musical craftsmanship, Top Men have also mounted numerous large-scale multimedia productions featuring actors, dancers, elaborate sets and costumes with intricate lighting design. The band’s aesthetic is characterized by bizarre humour tempered with dread and wonder at the vastness of the universe.


Cozy is a songwriter, rapper, producer, and musician who currently operates out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Originally hailing from the small village of Cumberland, Cozy has small town roots that have heavily influenced her art. Throughout her songs, Cozy weaves strong lyrical themes of femininity, sexuality, and reclamation of personal identity within a vulnerable context of self examination. Along with writing and producing her own music, Cozy also produces music for other artists.


Risa Rose is a free-spirited musician and multimedia artist from the Comox Valley. Lover of soul music, truthful raw sound and real life struggles and experiences that face the disenfranchised feminist. With a wide range of genres such as jazz, fold, swing, R&B, blues, and rap, you’re never sure what kind of show you’re going to get. Her guitar, beatboxing, kazoo, freestyle rap and vocal looping are all examples of Risa’s soul – wild and unpredictable.


“Distant Grand”, is Jess Brown and Manj Benning. A journey that began 25 yrs ago. Jess Brown and Manjinder Benning have been best friends since their first band in grade 9. Studio explorations for Distant Grand began in late 2015. Originally it was meant to be a studio project only, with a heavy focus on dance music production. However, itching to share their music with the world they began to perform Distant Grand live in May 2017.


Stephen Lewis & The Big Band of Fun is a high energy loop based funk/hip hop band from New Brunswick, Canada. They are an international touring band who are very familiar with the music festival circuit. If you love a high energy, highly danceable, extremely engaging, and an unforgettable show then look no further. Get ready to sing, sweat, and dance with Stephen Lewis & The Big Band of Fun!


The Rambling Derelicts are a garage rock band from Vancouver BC.


“From the Ghost”, My name is Kesu, which means ‘From the Whale’. I’ve written my songs on my travels through this world, in an age of voices where most never get heard.


Andrea Blaseckie, Trinity Gogolin and Maureen Fox are Willow, a trio of talented musicians from Quadra Island. Willow mix old world styles with island flavor, a plethora of instruments, and blending harmonies.


Turbo Pedro hails from Nanaimo, British Columbia


The Wits are hometown boys from the Comox Valley, BC, they combine the musical stylings of alt-country, folk, jazz, and blues. Taze Kozak, Jonathan Hinds, and Chad Pabianek creating their own unique music.


In 2004 he released his solo album The Beast Within, recorded by Paris Zannos at Paris Studio in Fishoek and by Dan Roberts at Stoep Studio in Johannesburg, both in South Africa. The same year he settled back on Vancouver Island in Campbell River, BC, where he and songwriter/slide guitarist Malachi Greenidge performed as the duo Holy Joe & The sKeptiK. 2006 saw the release of his mini-album 4-SONGS, recorded in Vancouver by Jim Walchuk (of the CBC television series Judy & Jim) and featuring songs from his longtime North island collaboration with virtuoso cellist Christie Staudhammer (San Francisco Chamber Orchestra).


Miss Magpie is the moniker of singer/songwriter Megan Adair, based in Victoria, BC, Canada. Her style could be described as dark folk intermixed with spoken word and hip-hop sensibilities. A constant state of experiment into the darker side of alt folk music, Miss Magpie plays in the thin veil between startlingly powerful and unique vocals, conscious hip-hop lyricism, the soul of a riverside folk band, and the aid of her guitar along with a variety of other revolving players.


Based out of Vancouver, B.C. the band has been building a regional reputation across western Canada for close to seven years playing a blend of R&B, Soul, Folk, Blues, Hip Hop, and Jazz; sometimes characterized as Punkrock Motown. With two albums under their belt and whose knows how many shows, members Kenan Sungur, Chelsea D.E. Johnson, Adam Farnsworth, Ashton Sweet and Dave Taylor are ready to knock your gosh darn socks off, shucks and jeepers!

Ronnie B

Little Bird is a band whose sound can only be described as Django Reinhardt, Dr. Dre, Jack White and Modest Mouse all rolling up in a ’95 Tacoma. Both Sam and Ron were born and raised in the small town of Cumberland, BC. Sam produced Ron’s debut EP in Vancouver. This collaboration would sprout the first inklings of starting a group together. Soon after, Little Bird was hatched.


Ramblin’ rovin’ Rusty Tones sounds like an angel… If that angel gargled gravel and whisky. For fans of Nirvana and Patsy Cline. Rusty calls Nanoose, BC home.


Nasti Weather comes in many forms but you can hear it coming by haunting heartfelt howls and underbelly bellows that sound something like a catharsis, a well lit darkness and a little white flag you can wave to yourself. Imaginatively described as fallen gospel gutter folk, Nasti Weather is the creation of East Vancouver’s Anastasia Schlechtleitner. With her haunting, powerful voice the young songstress crafts bluesy folk tales that cast a light on the darkness inside each of us, carrying raw catharsis and a white flag you can wave to yourself.


Grizzly Paws and the Slightly Untuned Bums is a group of traveling musicians known for their foot stomping root music that is influenced by all the musicians that they have met on the road. Their numbers may vary but everywhere they go they bring some tunes to the streets!


Brother Twelve, hail from Vancouver, BC. Known for their tracks; The Ballad of Sam McGee, Mickey’s Dead, Magnum Mysterium, (Can You Hear) Father’s Call ……..


Banjoman, Maxim Cossette is a performer that keeps the audience on their toes. The great thing about Dali is that you don’t know what will happen from one song to the next. With his stage presence & between song-banter, Salvador Dali Lama is truly nothing short of a good old-fashioned entertainer. A throwback to another time, when a performer had to really BRING IT!