Quadrapalooza Performers



Stephen Lewis & The Big Band of Fun is a high energy loop based funk/hip hop band from New Brunswick, Canada. They are an international touring band who are very familiar with the music festival circuit. They have performed at festivals like Mountain Jam (NY), The Boomtown Fair (UK), Burning Man (NV) , Disc Jam Music Festival (NY), Great North Music Festival (ME), FARM Fest (NJ), Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival (CAN), Evolve Festival (CAN), and dozens of other festivals in Canada, The US, and The UK. If you love a high energy, highly danceable, extremely engaging, flat out unforgettable show then look no further. Get ready to sing, sweat, and dance with Stephen Lewis & The Big Band of Fun!


Blue Moon Marquee is a Gypsy Blues band born of the wild rose country. They currently make their home in an island shack on the coast of the Salish Sea. A.W. Cardinal (vocals/guitar) and Jasmine Colette a.k.a. Badlands Jass (vocals/bass/drums) write and perform original compositions influenced by anything that swings, jumps or grooves. Artists such as Lonnie Johnson, Louis Armstrong, Blind Willie Jonson, Charley Patton, Howlin’ Wolf, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Tom Waits, Memphis Minnie, and Django Reinhardt are deeply infused in the soul of their music.


Hailing from Victoria, British Columbia (Coast Salish Territories), Knacker’s Yard has been arranging and performing traditional Irish, Scottish, English, Australian, and original music since 2013. Comprised of Bronwyn Churcher (fiddle, vocals), Stephen Johnson (accordion, tin whistle, vocals), Jon MacDonald (guitar, vocals), Cody Baresich (mandolins, vocals), Shaun McConnell (bodhran, bones, chimes), and Dexter Simpson (Irish tenor banjo), the group breathes new life into the Celtic ballad and shanty genres. The energy of the band’s expansive repertoire ebbs and flows with drive and dynamism, as they pay tribute to, and take inspiration from, legendary predecessors like The Dubliners, The Pogues, Planxty, The Clancy Brothers, The Chieftains, and The Wolfe Tones. Intricate lead work, driving rhythms, finely crafted arrangements, and careful attention to slow airs and ballads makes for a listening experience that is both powerful and enduring.


Kárà-Kátà Afrobeat/Highlife, Afrobeat Reggae Group music genre can be called world but we blend effortlessly original Afrobeat, Afrobeat Reggae, Soca, Calypso, Afrobeat gospel, Modern funk, Jazz, Blues, Salsa, Psychedelic rock & Soul. Our musical spice is exotic and inspiring. We celebrate and share the beauty of African/Canadian multiculturalism with dance, music, fashion through our live performances. Although the music is African Origin, but we are 90% of different backgrounds and origins and 10% African. We are truly the world beat!


We washed ashore in Ganges harbour, all four scallywags from a distant place. The timing was right, the music was left, and the temple (DumpShine) had already been built. It was of the finest art any folk-trippin musician could dream of, and had already been stocked with a piano, drumkit, stand up bass, and a plethora of other stringed wooden buddies. The songs had been dreamed, and were still tumbling in the crystal ball. We all witnessed them floating and flying around the room, circling the chimney pipes, under the coffee tables, above the hanging fabrics of the rafters, and into our hands and voices. With weekly ceremonies, the music was captured, the songs were shaped, and Superfeather was born!


Looking for fun musical times or old timey toe tappers, bluegrass classics and witty originals mixed in with some good old fashioned, off the wall, dad joke stage banter? Oh and did I mention square dancing? Well look no further because the Western Family String Band has exactly those things! The 4 band members are Tereza Tomek (guitar), Bex Winnick (fiddle, dance caller), Josh Lichti (banjo), and Craig Marcuk (mandolin, dance caller). Each of these talented members brings their own special flavour of traditional tunes, dances, original songs, and humour to the table making them versatile and unpredictable. Come on out, bring your dancing shoes and get ready for a wholesome classic hoedown!


Balkan Shmalkan is East Vancouver’s sweet dance party orchestra; think global music with local attitude. Their funky brass dance beats are rooted in the aural traditions of the Roma and Klezmorim of Eastern Europe and blended with a mixture of pop and jazz. Members of the group sing in 5 languages including Serbian, Romani, and Italian. The group contains six to twelve musicians playing reed, brass and percussion instruments of both eastern and western origin.


Shane’s grooves have a tendency to get entire audiences onto the dance floor. “When they dance, it is a physical manifestation of what I am playing and it is such a powerful feeling. They just pass the energy right back to me and by watching people move, I alter the rhythms and accents and it’s kind of like a conversation back and forth. Like a conversation, there are emotional tensions as well as emotional and physical releases. It is truly magical.


Sixgun Buddha is back! Comox Valley original recording artists return. Over the years, Cumberland has undergone a renaissance of recreation, music and visual arts and Sixgun Buddha draws straight from the vein of the local culture to produce a sound that is uniquely their own representation of the Vancouver Island vibe. With a foundation built on funk, rock and reggae, the Buddha has packed almost every dance floor in the Valley since 2002. After releasing their eponymous CD Sixgun Buddha in 2009, the band took a hiatus to focus on family and employment opportunities. Multi-instrumentation, including saxophones, a synthesizer, and a driving positive beat is what’s to be expected for newcomers to the Buddha sound. Old friends and fans will be stoked to see the crew back in action.


It’s easy to forget that This Way North is a two-piece band. With Cat Leahy on drums and Leisha Jungalwalla wailing on her electric guitar, the duo create a uniquely full, expansive sound that leaves the audience stunned. Currently of no fixed address, Cat and Leisha are enjoying making a home for themselves on the road and the stage. Whether in a local dive bar or at a national festival, This Way North bring more passion and energy than a 10-piece band, drumming up a contagious euphoria. The past two years have been huge for the duo, since they made the decision to concentrate on playing music full time they have added over 200 live shows across Australia, New Zealand and Canada to their ever-expanding resume. This Way North have brought their magic to audiences from the Yukon to Iqaluit, Nunavut to Haida Gwaii, across Australia’s sweeping central desert and down to the geysers of Rotorua New Zealand. With their reputation for powerful live shows and great radio support back home, This Way North bring their love affair with Canada, and big sound, inviting you to turn up the volume and let loose.


Betty & the Kid (Aubrey Burke and Betty Supple of the Honey Tongues) are coming back up to We Wai Kai Territories to bring their special fusion of folk, soul, triphop nostalgia. Betty Supple & the Kid combine good vintage folkloric music with their own freaky, wild child styles. Working hard at playtime and digging deep down to excavate the subconscious with autoharp, drumbeat, violin, playtime machines and pedals. With backgrounds in performance art and clowning Betty and the Kid bring playful, candle kissing (ir)reverant fun for the whole family.


Influenced by natural west coast beauty, Briars Haven weaves celtic melodies with rhythmic grooves and vocal harmonies to create a harmonious experience of traditional and contemporary sounds.


The Ramblers were formed during a cold long winter over a need for mournful appalachian mountain tunes and a love of traditional music. Mack has played fiddle since he was 8, winning Canadian fiddle competitions and playing all around the continent developing his wild, syncopated style. Mack has played in many bands over the years including the Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra, OQO, Ain’t Dead Yet, The Wicks and Kodou (a collaboration with renowned classical pianist Shoko Inoue and Jacques Mindreau). Kaitlin picked up the banjo after playing guitar and piano all her life and found a rhythmic, melodic bliss. Her playing is influenced by the African gourd banjo, Flamenco guitar stylings and her Nova Scotian/Irish heritage. She is the recipient of the Victoria Bluegrass Association Nimblefingers bursary and plays in the roma-ragtime-klezmer duo Button & String. Banjo and fiddle are a timeless partnership of instruments. With beautiful oldtime vocal harmonies and skilled instrumentation, they weave intricate notes over the droning backdrop of clawhammer banjo. They play a wide range of traditional music, from metis to celtic, appalachian, bluegrass, cajun and roots. Expect high-energy hillbilly hoedowns to droney, middle-eastern inspired instrumentals.


Cameron Gunn is a prolific and versatile Western Canadian singer/songwriter. Known for playing in a range of styles, through elements of Roots/Folk/Rock/Rhythm and Blues, Gunn has crafted his own unique sound through profound lyrics, powerful vocals, finger-style guitar and soulful harmonica, the spirit that emanates from his original music has won the hearts of a diverse audience. With countless shows under his belt, whether he’s playing small venues or large festivals, Gunn is at home.


Vancouver based Alternative Pop Rock group combining styles from the decades. With kicking guitars, pumping drums and powerful female vocals they are sure to have you screaming for more!


BabyFace Brass has been busking with high energy and danceable music on the streets of Vancouver for over 10 years. Babyface Brass plays a modern and exciting mix of Jazz, World Music, New Orleans second line, Hip Hop, and Funk. Defying expectations, musical genres and bylaws BabyFace Brass is Vancouver’s premier street jazz and party band.


Flo & Behold is a 3-piece band out of Victoria, BC, Canada. Formerly known as The CommonWealth, F&B breaks down the walls of genre classification, blending hip hop with a variety of musical influences. 2 & 3 part vocal harmonies compliment the chill, but technical, lyrically-conscious rap. Guitar and Cello offer the band’s sound an array of string styles.


Mary Matheson is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Vancouver. She performs haunting folk tunes on guitar accompanied by Blake Mackay on keys, Conrad Shynkar on mandolin, Melissa Walker on bass and Devon Venoit on drums. Mary has caught the ears of a community of music lovers with her detailed finger picking style and raw liquid vocals.


Toads on a Wire is an eclectic collection of pure bred artists who possess a peculiar combination of flavors. With a unique influence stretching from east to west, each Toad has their own persona and brings something unique to the project. Ranging from the sounds of old ragtime and Appalachian, to gypsy-jazz noise, Toads on a Wire has fused together their own unique styles into a cornucopia of sounds that will be sure to get your legs leaping and boots stomping into a full blown dancing bonanza!


We are Willow. A folk roots band from Quadra Island. Mixing old world styles with island flavor, a heap of instruments, and blending harmonies.


Taze Kozak paints his music with the colors of folk/alt-country/and blues. This Comox Valley born and raised artist has procured many lasting musical friendships, and played alongside a vibrant cast of local talent. When flying solo Kozak deploys his voice and guitar with “Gritty raw licks that tingle your bones, and lyrics that make you ponder the wanderlust roads of time”. He smoothly controls the dynamics of his music, and releases sonic diversity in all directions. Kozak has the unique ability of keeping his toes inside the box of contemporary songwriting and guitar styles, while leaving the rest of himself free to explore, deconstruct, and ultimately dig down deep toward the roots within, where he then can rip them out, once exposed he shares. Kozak does not serve up a pretty dish for the masses, what he puts on the plate is what you get, and what you get is all that he’s got.


Andrea’s soulful, striking voice mixed with Adam’s wit and grit combine to create music that is heartfelt, humorous and poignant to the times and the timeless. Upbeat and fun, with a small twist of debauchery, their theatrical music will take you on a journey from the depth of your soul to the tip of your tongue. Mashing up genres of folk, blues, reggae and old school country with a touch of rock and a whole lot of soul, this cabaret show is sure to delight audiences of all ages.


Gilakas’la. My name is k̓esu, which means ‘From the Whale’. These are songs I’ve written on my travels through this world, in an age of voices where most never get heard. If you’re not crazy you’re wrong. Hail Eris


Kristi Hawkes is an artist based on Quadra Island and is no stranger to metaphor. She creates melancholy fueled folk written in and about the deepest darkest woods. Her haunting vocals and gentle guitar and banjo melodies prove to be both soothing and harrowing in the same breath. Absolute vulnerability through and through.


The Wits combine the musical stylings of alt-country, rock, blues and jazz.


Do you stare up at the moon and want to HOWL!? Well me too! I believe that music is fun and fun is achieved with boogies, wiggles and saunters. Everyone feels connected and together (same thing) when participating in creating an interactive musical experience. After years of honing my Jedi like abilities on the kazoo and kalimba, I graduated from the Funoleum and now enjoy a nice romp on stages about the Comox Valley and beyond, bringing people together for laughter and shakes. I participate in all events and bring my best and greatest and sometimes guest musicians for a show like no other. I’m open and smiling. MUCH LOVE!


DylPrickle fermented his musical tastes and skills all over the Vancouver Island Dance scene with some of the best tutors and teachers the island has to offer; he broke the mould off the brine in which he was grown. You never know what to expect when DylPrickle jumps out his jar to let loose bass cannons.


Booty and the Hofish have been writing songs for a foggy ten years or more, slappin’ down their original style of blue-hop-hip-grass; with a finger to the man; bridging irony, reality and make you spit your drink out humor. After a short circumstantial hiatus the Hofish are back, with an additional member and special guests. Booty are destined to throw down a set for everyone, turning heads with either admiration or confusion, but always with good intention and some sweet melodic jams.


Emergency public notice: A nuisance K-Sun da Bear last seen busking, playing jazz, singing, & rapping. Wanted for bootlegging beats, noise graffiti, & civil disobedience in the Republic of EastVan.


Miss Magpie is the moniker of singer/songwriter Megan Adair, based in Victoria, BC, Canada. Her style could be described as dark folk intermixed with spoken word and hip hop sensibilities. A constant state of experiment into the darker side of alt folk music, Magpie plays in the thin veil between startlingly powerful and unique vocals, conscious hip-hop lyricism, the soul of a riverside folk band, and the aid of her guitar along with a variety of other revolving players. One would not be surprised to find a cellist, a fiddler, a percussionist, and a crew of varying other vocalists joining her in weaving her dark dreams into reality for your auditory pleasure.


Pico’s Puppet Palace was established in 2016, by Sally Miller and Jesse Hamilton. Sally and Jesse have been performing together since 2002 in various musical and theatrical collaborations, most prominently in their folk duo ‘Nice Verdes‘. With Picos’ Puppet Palace they create puppet shows from repurposed and recycled materials, for contemporary young audiences and they tour nationally and internationally. Picos’ Puppet Palace aims to have their shows presented to diverse audiences globally, and through puppetry, live music and storytelling connect audiences across generations. Each show is an episode of Picos’ adventures and introduces ecological and environmental issues, innovations and ideas.


Good enough Dave, he’s good enough!


Ramblin’ rovin’ Rusty Tones sounds like an angel… If that angel gargled gravel and whisky. For fans of Nirvana and Patsy Cline. Rusty calls Nanoose, BC home.


Old time Gypsy Jazz from the sunshine coast.


Gargoyle City is a Basement Lurking Tomb-Core band, chiseled from cobblestone in 2017.