Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the closest ATM?

Cash only festival!
There is an ATM located at both Q-Cove and Heriot Bay stores.

What about children?

There will be variety of childrens performers and activites for the little ones!
*Parents are responsible for the safety and well being of their own creations.
*Children 12 and under are free with Parent/Gaurdian!

Where is Quadra Island?

Click here to find out!

Is there onsite camping?

Limited camping only for off Islanders, reserve your spot here. Otherwise, find where else to camp here!

Where does one stay if not from the island?

Quadra island has a variety of accomodations that can easily suit just about any breed of human.
Just be sure to reserve your spot early as it will be a busy time on the island. You can check out whats available here!

How would i get around Quadra?

There are ‘Car Stops’ situated all over Quadra where one can usually easily join a carpool or and meet some new friends.

Is there going to be a beer garden or bar?

No. To keep this family festival a comfortable environment for all attendees, there is no alcohol or drug consumption allowed on the grounds.

Can I buy a single day pass?

Yes. Day passes will be sold at the gate during the festival.

Can I bring my dog?

No. We all love our dogs, but they will have to remain off the festival grounds this year.

Will there be food and drinks at the event?

Yes there will be a variety of vendors to choose foods and refreshments from throughout the weekend.

What might I want to bring?

Some things you may want to bring along:

  • Be ready for the sun! bring a hat and sunscreen.
  • A blanket for ground sitting
  • A chair for chair sitting.
  • A water bottle!! FREE WATER REFILL STATION!
  • A sweater, it gets chilly come dusk.
  • Your inner child.

*There will also be a skatepark, tennis court, basketball court, and bike course open for the public’s use and a lengthy network of beautiful hiking/biking trails.

Will there be first Aid?

Yes. Quadra Ambulance will be onsite during festival hours.

What if i dont have enough funds to purchase a ticket?

VOLUNTEER! e-mail [email protected]
This festival could not exist without volunteers!